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I absolutely love this! It stayed on all night and was very comfortable. The only thing I ran into was that after 1am I kept waking up. But that was because I'm not used to music playing while I sleep. I 100% recommend to anyone! It blocks out the light very well, the sound is great quality, fits very well, and is easy to use.


These delivered decent sound and did a great job blocking out the light. I live on a busy street and get a lot of direct sunlight in my bedroom. When I wanted to take a mid-day nap while recovering from a cold, these did a decent job of covering up the traffic noise and blocking the sunlight. Definitely not noise cancelling but they’re not designed to be. With the speakers right by my ear, these did a better job of covering traffic noise than simply playing music or white noise from my bedside speaker.


Purchase this product weeks ago, I liked the characteristics of the product in the profile.
I slept very well, the charger works if I connect it to an adapter, the bluetooth connects very quickly to my phone every time I turn it on, the product is made of a soft material, I am happy with my purchase.
I would have preferred it in pink, but I still like it a lot!

Enmy Mercedes

I just love it. When I bough it. I thought it just was for sleeping during a flight but I’ve been using for bedtime and it just amazing. Soft and comfortable and the battery life is long as well. Good product.

Gabriela Daza

So I've been playing around with these cuz I'm sensitive to the light. Completely block out light. The volume doesn't go that loud but if your listening to music to sleep I dont believe you need it that loud. I actually could call with them on so I thought that was cool. Overall very pleased with this product

Teodulo Fernandez

This sleep mask works very well. It has a very good sound. It
covers the eyes fully enough to shut out light. The stereo system
is loud enough to cut out most outside sounds but still quiet enough
to not disturb your sleep. I would recommend this sleep mask to
anyone who has trouble sleeping. It would be great for anyone who
has a partner who snores. It would also be good for traveling.

Thomas E. Swantek

This is perfect for falling to sleep with. I was using a pillow speaker, which becomes pretty useless once you roll over, and I was also using a blindfold. This does the job of both. It's cordless, it uses Bluetooth so you don't have to worry about wires. And I really like the space for your nose so that way it's not too tight. Very easy and comfortable to sleep in. Definitely going to travel with this as well, this is going to make sleeping on a plane much easier while listening to some white noise.


This is a boon to people who have trouble with bright light or sounds during relaxation or sleeping. 
I love this eye mask due to its soft Velvet material and its comfiness. It blocks all the light and helps in soothing the eyes and relaxing or sleeping. It can be used to listen to music or Podcasts without disturbing others or self. 


I have had the worst insomnia.
This thing is so soft and really great.
I might get one for my mom.
What a great idea for those who share a bed too.
Great product.


Got this yesterday and couldn't wait to try it. It is very comfortable and fits great. Easy to use.


This completely covered my eyes and was great and easy to sleep in. It didn’t drown out my husbands snoring but it made it bearable to sleep next to him. He snores as loud as a vacuum, I measured the decibels. I played white noise and it was nice. I tried the bulky headphones and end up taking those off because they are so uncomfortable. This is great!

Angela Marie

- The material is very soft
- You can easily adjust how tight you would like around your eyes
- The sound system is decent
- It helps you get quality sleep if you have sleeping issues
- Lightweight and easy to carry while traveling- If there is a way to turn off the device after a certain period of time, that would be helpful


The only sleep mask truly blocked out all lights I can crash at 2 PM in the middle of a park if I really wanted to and it has a built in Bluetooth speaker so I can listen to my forensic files every night

Rocci berrini

This sleepmask is great because 1) it completely blacks out all light, and 2) it is extremely comfortable to wear. I also live the WiFi feature - I’m able to fall asleep to soothing music or an audio book.


I'm a female and I drive a truck as my job. Sometimes I have to take a nap while my partner drives or we may have time between loads where we have to rest.
These are made of soft fabric, and you can not feel the strap.
They block out all light as they state.
They are easy to connect and control.
They are loud, and you can move the ear pieces to where you need them.

Larry w robertson

I love these! The material is so soft and the mask itself is not too bulky or awkward on my face. The speakers are small but give very clear sound. They charge easily via usb. The set up is simple and easy through Bluetooth. I used these to help me fall asleep and later tried using them for guided meditation astral projection and these headphones were perfect for both. Everyone needs a pair of these.

Leah Nuñez

Bought it for myself,i use it very well when i fly,it can help me sleep well and fall asleep quickly,i am very enioy😊


I was surprised at the comfort and the fit of this sleep mask. You're able to set the volume surprisingly low enough where the person next to you really can't hear it. The actual sound quality for such small speakers was actually better than I thought it would be as well. Finally, it's stayed on well when laying down on both my side and back and blocks light very well.


When I moved to the United States,I stayed up later everyday.I would like to looking for a way to solve the problem.Maybe enjoy the slowly music while to sleeping is not bad.The product looks good and quality. You can try it.


I order this eye mask for a trip bc for me is impossible to sleep on airplanes but for first time was perfect so instead using only for tripa I decided to tried every night and works amazing, the sound is pretty clear, the color my favorite (don’t really looks dirty so I don’t need to washed often) is ridiculous soft for your face than even don’t affect my eyelashes extensions. Completely easy to connect to the Bluetooth and once you do all I have to do is active the device. I was a little afraid that my boyfriend can hear the music while he is sleeping but didn’t happen, the sound is only for the person who is wearing the mask. I definitely recommend this product specially if you have issues to sleep, relaxing music and cero bright will helps a lot!!

Lina Arango