SleepMaskz Hibernate™

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✔ FREE Ultimate Sleep Guide
✔ Total blackout for deeper sleep
✔ Highest Quality True HD HIFI Speakers
✔ Infinitely adjustable with elastic straps
✔ No pressure on eyes and lashes
✔ Long-life battery over 20 Hours Play Time & fast charging
✔ PERFECT GIFT – Beautifully Packaged

SleepMaskz Hibernate™, micro USB cable, premium case/wash bag, & instructions on how to use & FREE Ultimate Sleep Guide

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SleepMaskz Hibernate™

Scientific studies have found that audio is the natural way to relax and is proven to be very effective in aiding sleep. The SleepMaskz Hibernate™ Bluetooth Headphones are designed for your comfort using the softest and highest quality materials. We have thought of almost everything to ensure you have the perfect night’s sleep.

Compatible with major sleep and audio apps

How Does SleepMaskz Compare?

Bluetooth Compatible

Bluetooth 5.0 technology, compatible with almost every bluetooth device producing stereo sound with Soft Foam Thin Speakers making them very comfortable for sleepers.

HD Sound Quality

True HD HIFI sound featuring latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Both speakers on either side can be easily readjusted to align with your ears. Speakers are covered with soft foam making them ultra comfortable.

Ultra Soft & Comfortable

Using the softest, highest quality fabrics make them the comfortable, lightweight and breathable which will aid the most peaceful sleep.

Versatile Uses

It is the best gift for family or friends who like to travel, who like to meditate, or even those taking time at work to nap for 20 minutes.

Extra Long life battery

The built-in 200mAh high-performance battery can be charged via USB Cable. Charge time takes about 2-2.5 hours and provide more than 20 hours playing time. There is no “battery low” alert so don’t worry about getting woken up.

Total Light Blackout

The extra cushion layers filter out the light, to the point you wouldn’t know if the bedroom light was left on. There is also an extra nose pad for extra shade and comfort.


Thousands Of Happy Customers

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156 reviews for SleepMaskz Hibernate™

  1. M. J. Aplin

    Comfortable, good sound quality and very dark

    I really like this product. For people like me who have trouble falling asleep it’s great and well worth picking up. Once you put it on you’re in total darkness and all you can hear is the sound of the music or audiobook playing through your bluetooth connection. This is very easy to set up – simply connect your phone following the manual (takes about 20 seconds) and you’re ready to go. It sits well on your head and is very comfortable – the inside material is almost silklike. You might find it moves slightly if you move about a lot in bed, but you can simply adjust it back if/when you wake up and head straight back to sleep. Charging you need to charge it for about 2 hours through USB and that will get you 10 hours playtime. So, basically, use it at night and charge it when you wake up.

  2. Ms. S. M. Patrick

    The most comfortable eye mask ever!

  3. Sticks221

    Aided a great night sleep

    I purchased this because my partner or likes to read before bed whilst I like to listen to soothing music. This product allows me to cover my eyes so that get light doesn’t keep me awake and my music didn’t keep me awake. The sound quality is pretty good and the headband is very comfortable, it didn’t press against the eyes and the soft nose bar provides additional comfort as well as blocking light from seeping under which is especially important for me and ample nose!

  4. LaTes

    Good way to unwind

    This really helps with ‘power naps’ or simply a way to instantly escape. It is padded and soft which makes it relaxing to put on and conforms perfectly to my face which therefore blocks out light. I often use the cheap types you get free when flying but find they put a little too much pressure on my eyes – this eye mask doesn’t do that so doesn’t take any getting used to. The speakers are ok, nothing to rave about but they work fine especially as I only really use them on small volume. This mask is going to be perfect for camping – blocks light, warm around the ears and music to drown out the snorers!!

  5. Marc Mckenna

    When I saw these for sale it was I must have them & hoped they’d be amazing. They didn’t disappoint!

    Well packaged in a professional retail box, always good to know as I’ll be buying these as gifts (spoilers to the conclusion of this review, although the 5 stars kind of gives an instant impression). On opening up the box everything was neatly packed away in a black velveteen carrying pouch ( Nice touch to put safely & securely away in my suitcase or backpack when travelling). As soon as I removed the eye mask from the pouch, it felt so plush & luxurious to the touch, instantly impressed. I then spotted the side charging port poking out of its sleeve, this tucks in out of the way easily. The internal tri-cotton type of material that covers your eyes was super soft, with a generous shaped strip of the luxurious padded materials that makes the front part of the mask was sewn in to give padding across the bridge of the nose & blocks out any light. I love my daily meditation & use self hypnosis to help me sleep at night, this product has answered all my prayers, wireless, super comfortable, quality. I honestly couldn’t be happier. This is going on my gift list for both of my sisters & one cousin I have in mind, they are going to love it.

  6. Lagertha

    Very comfortable and good sound

    I’ve been looking at these for a while, I like idea of it but was worried the sound quality wouldn’t be very good or that they wouldn’t be very sound proof and the music would keep my partner awake. I’m pleased to say that neither of these were a problem, the sound quality is very good and clear. Also there’s no sound outside of the headband so you won’t distract loved ones. It’s also very comfortable to wear, I personally can’t sleep with any kind of noise so I only use mine for relaxing before sleep, it would be great for listening to audio books though.

  7. Jasmine Morrison

    Love it!

    I am very amazed by this Bluetooth sleeping eye mask! I was abit skeptical at first as I couldn’t find any reviews on it but thought I’d give it a try. Brought it for my cousin as she loves this kinda stuff and she loves it! Soft material, comfortable to sleep in and plays music really well, I’m thinking of buying another one for me. Very happy 🙂

  8. ZosiaA

    Very comfortable

    Very comfortable eye mask. I wear these even when I’m not listening to music. It connects easily to iPhone Bluetooth. I’ve just used to listen to a podcast while going to sleep. The volume doesn’t reach a high volume – this is ok in my bedroom – but it may be a problem if you want to listen to something on a noisy plane. I’m really looking forward to using it when I go camping – kids are normally in their sleeping bags earlier than me but I’ll be able to listen to downloaded radio programmes while they sleep.

  9. rosieballard

    Keeps me peaceful at night with no light to wake me up early in the morning

    This eye mask with bluetooth included in it means u can wear it in bed with your eyes covered to block out light and i can listen to my music which helps me sleep with no annoying earphones digging into my head or ears. Its comfy to wear all night and stays in place overnight even if u are moving around in your sleep. They would be great to travel with on aeroplanes, trains or buses as u can shut out the noise and chaos of the other passengers and have some peace. They do completely block out the light which helps if u dont want to be woken up early by the daylight.

  10. Theresa

    Value for money smart sleeping Eye mask

    The item is value for money. The cloth is comfortable, but recommend to wash it before using it for hygiene reason. And it is easy to set up. It is good for travel and it is an alternative for the expensive smart sleeping Eye mark.

  11. tcscouser

    Great for night shift workers getting sleep in the day.

    I work shifts including nights and during these summer months I find it a struggle to sleep during the day. So I bought this eye mask to cover my eyes with the added bonus of it playing music via Bluetooth too. The eye mask fits comfortably with no sharp edges or hard plastic points. It blocks out the daylight well and is adjustable with the velcro straps at the back of my head. The sound quality is good and helps to shut out the busy road noises outside my house. This has helped with my sleep pattern especially after a night shift.

  12. Tracie

    Very good idea. Soft material and good volume.

    I am happy with this. It’s very soft material and a great idea. This I bought for my son as he has special needs and struggles to go to sleep, banging his head to help him fall asleep at night. Along with an app I was advised to use I thought this would help him. The sound is great as it’s not so loud that he can turn it up to high volume which was an issue with his headphones. Also the fact that it’s a sleeping mask is so much better than wearing headphones and trying to keep your eyes closed. After using this and the app for him, he was asleep much quicker.

  13. Josh

    So comfy

    “I’m really sensitive to light and sound when I’m sleeping and as soon as there’s any daylight I wake up. I used to have a bog-standard sleeping mask which was ok, but this is a game-changer! It’s even comfier than it looks. It’s like a plush toy material. The sound quality of the speakers is better than I expected. Of course it’s not as good as in-ear headphones, but it was never going to be since they sit outside. They’re great for listening to relaxing music which helps me sleep.
    The battery life is really good too. I charged it for a couple of hours after it arrived and it was still playing when I woke up 9 hours later.”

  14. Sean C.

    A very comfortable eye mask with great sounding Bluetooth headphones

    I have been using eye masks when I sleep for a few months now, starting with a cheap airline masks (which lasted all of 5 seconds) before moving up to something a bit more expensive and I finally decided it was about time for an upgrade – after just 1 minute with this on I knew that this eye mask was going to lead to a lovely nights sleep, and I was correct! First impressions on the eye mask were a bit mixed and my initial thought was that it almost looked comically large compared to my previous eye mask, noticing this was significantly larger. However, the very moment I put them on I immediately understood why they are the size they are; I had 2 issues with my previous eye mask, the first was a bit of light leak at the bottom around the nose and the 2nd issue was that every other time I used it, the eye mask might slide off my face in the night. By making the eye mask as large as it is the light leak is completely eliminated and the size means it contours to my face better and it has not worked itself off my face yet.

  15. Bradley Bliss

    Really enjoying this.

    I got these as they kept popping up on my phone and i am impressed. The battery lasts all night and the sound is actually really crisp and really loud. I was worried i wouldn’t be able to sleep but i slept like a log, my girlfriend had to wake me up to tell me to turn them off! The sound does escape from the headphones only issue, but really comfy and I would recommend for anyone, its such a good upgrade from normal eyemasks.

  16. Sebastien Gregorj

    You will be all in the dark.

    Bought this mask due to my poor sleep, I’ve tried unnumerous suggestions from every friend but never succeed until I found this mask if you are like me someone who has a very busy life this mask might help you to get some proper rest. I have 2 big issues at the moment to go to bed, 1) I have Tinnitus (ringing in my ears), but once you get this mask on your and you put some relaxing music, my tinnitus kind of vanishes away, helping me to only listen to a pleasant music I have downloaded to my phone. 2) the lighting, my room has a massive window which has blinds attached to the frame, however, it still not blocking the Sunlight, here is where this nice mask does the job to keep my eyes blinded. I do recommend this mask without a doubt.

  17. LMo

    Very comfortable to wear

    Speakers aren’t the most fantastic, but they certainly do the job when it come to blocking out distracting noises when I’m trying to nap. I usually use an eye mask to block out the light, but I’m very sensitive to general background noise. These have really helped. I’ve got a long flight coming up so look forward to trying them out then.

  18. Jade

    If in doubt, buy it

    This literally feels like a hug for your face. The inside is sooo soft and comfy. The sound quality is good for the price point, what you’d expect for bluetooth. Comfy and soft and blocks out all the light. Easily adjustable and also I appreciate the velcro isn’t the horrid sticky type as I have really long hair. 100% recommend, particularly with Sigur Ros’s ‘Liminal’ Album for a good sleep. Now I’m off to nap so I can use it again…

  19. J.

    Very good

    Now with the days getting longer, it’s a bit harder to get to sleep as it still daylight outside and the birds or chirping…. So I thought this would help. Setting it up with my iPhone was fast, had it going in a minute, sound quality is ok good enough to get to sleep with, it’s comfortable on your head even for a side sleeper.

  20. DM

    Block out the world

    Arrived on time and brought much happiness! It is a quality product, very well made. I can’t comment on sound as I haven’t tried it on – it’s not mine, but everything else I can say is really worth the price. The headband was even left in a proper Irish rain and still works. Delighted!

  21. Yangtze

    Uniquely Great.

    Very comfortable eye mask which totally blocks the light. The battery life has a surprisingly long life- I’ve had mine for over a month and still not needed to charge it again. The earphone sound quality is also very good. I now manage to sleep for far longer than I did. The only downsides are that if you remove the earphones it is tricky to place them back in. I also think that as the wire is so fine and the earbuds are made of hard plastic, there’s a good chance that with lying on them over periods of time the earphones will get damaged. However if it’s possible to buy replacement sets, this is no issue.

  22. Jitka Skrlova

    Gorgeous and good quality!

    very nice gift to my friend and he really like it ,good quality and fast delivery ,will definitely recommended

  23. Ally

    Vastly improved sleep – comfortable and high quality

    Having booked a long hall flight i need something to help me sleep, so i bought this. I have tested it a few times, it is great, sound quality is good it is comfortable to wear, and the battery lasts a decent amount of time. looking forward to my flight now.

  24. Hao and Susan

    Very nice gift

    Bought this for my fiance as she works nights and plays white noise to drown out the daytime noises to help her stay asleep during the day. She says this works really well and is very happy with the sleeping mask. Works better then an eye mask and speaker separately and is very comfortable to wear. Good sound quality and the speaker points are well placed.

  25. Melissa

    good item

    As comfortable as they can be with two small built in speakers. Sound quality excellent for podcasts and the like, haven’t really tried them with music. Battery life excellent. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  26. Beniamin B.

    Great for night shifters!

    These are the best set I bought so far . Super comfy. Bot sore around your ears . Nearly all light is blocked as there is a softer part for around the nose . All in all and I was after buying alot of these but all in all these are best I bought so far

  27. Aileen M. O’Connor

    Happy with my purchase

    First look at materials I initially thought it was a bit thin and was worried I’d be able to feel them over my ears. But they’re super comfortable! Definitely going to get a lot of use out of these, thanks

  28. matt james palmer

    Theres a soft bit around the nose for blocking all the light

    These are the best set I bought so far . Super comfy. Bot sore around your ears . Nearly all light is blocked as there is a softer part for around the nose . All in all and I was after buying alot of these but all in all these are best I bought so far

  29. Jared Edmunds


    First look at materials I initially thought it was a bit thin and was worried I’d be able to feel them over my ears. But they’re super comfortable! Definitely going to get a lot of use out of these, thanks

  30. Dan N

    Nice Item

    If like myself you like to listen to music/audiobooks/podcasts whilst going to sleep, these are the item for you. They’re comfortable and the sound is perfectly adequate for the price. Only slight issue is if you roll onto the little control panel, you can skip/pause what you’re listening to. But didn’t happen that frequently. Also, my original mask stopped charging within the warranty period and I was sent a replacement within two days, no questions asked, which I thought was decent of the seller.

  31. DREA

    Love this sleeping eye mask, good enough sounds

    This sleeping eye mask is so comfortable its really soft you could forget its on, the speakers move a little so will go over your ears, sounds are not that bad for a sleepung aid, the blackout is excellent.

  32. Nikkiden

    Love this eyemask

    I have already purchased one very similar which I liked … This one I love! It is soft, its comfortable and the sound is fab. I use this when I watch my tablet on bed but it comes into its own when I switch to a sleep meditation. Eye mask over the eyes and a meditation through the extremely thin speakers….. Starts off a good night’s sleep in style

  33. N. R. Phillips

    Comfortable and easy to set up

    Actually really comfortable! Works as you’d expect.. but you kind if lose yourself in the moment because it’s all blacked out. I had no problems nodding off using these

  34. weeMG

    Better than expected!

    Only arrived today and I’m very happy with quality of this eye mask…. Sound is better than I ever imagined and it’ll be perfect for a long 12 hour flight later this year! Highly recommended havnt tried out batteries as yet but I always carry a battery pack with me anyway so shouldn’t be a huge problem

  35. Sp Miguel

    Comfortable and soft on the eyes and ears

    Got this clever piece of technology for myself as I work night shifts and sleep through the day time. So this eye mask is perfect to cancel all the day light and the bluetooth headphone part is perfect for the noise. Thanks to this bluetooth eye mask/headphone I get a good sleep.

  36. Raj

    Excellent sleep mask, good quality speakers and easy to set up

    This eye mask is fantastic – I struggle to sleep without listening to vlogs and this has solved my issue of keeping my partner awake! The sound quality is great and the mask is very comfy too. I would highly recommend this product – very easy to set up too.

  37. ross

    good product

    was very happy with this product. use when i am trying to sleep so you can play your music from your phone. would reccomend if people want to use a bluetooth eye mask for bed. would buy again

  38. Lucy

    Buy now if your partner snores!😂

    Worth every penny, best thing I’ve bought off Amazon! My other half snores pretty badly and I’ve always struggled to fall asleep, wearing this and listening to music drowns out the noise amazingly! I didn’t have high expectations because it seemed too good to work well, but my god it’s fantatsic!

  39. tom spencer

    Good quality sleep mask

    I bought this because I wanted to listen to music when I go to sleep, this mask does this and it’s not too loud that it disturbs others. The sound quality is good and the mask is also comfortable. Very pleased.

  40. Carol

    Very happy, speakers are brilliant, nice and clear

  41. Nikki

    Brilliant. Really comfy, couldn’t feel the speakers, even laying on them.

  42. Sarah

    I love this eye mask and I must say it is very comfortable to wear and quick to charge, my sleep has definitely improved since wearing it.

  43. Natalie

    Father’s Day present – he loved it, so much so I am going to treat myself to one! Really good quality.

  44. Stephanie

    Perfect if you can’t get to sleep fits well and is so comfortable. Ideal for travel as it comes in a travel bag to reduce damage. Came earlier than expected.

  45. Jessica

    I love the softness of this mask, all working fine!

  46. Nicole

    Amazing for meditation, sleep and travelling. Good quality, very soft, speakers are good. I am happy with my purchase.

  47. Michelle

    Lovely little sleeping mask blocks out all the light only fault would be the velcro on the back would be better if it ran all the way along the strap like on a spots cap for adjusting it but overall a great product

  48. Elizabeth

    I got this for my husband as he works nights and sleeps in day. The mask when tightened completely blocks the light out. The back is adjustable to all head sizes.. Its so soft and comfortable

  49. Katie

    Work very well for night time use

  50. Emily

    you can roll anyway you like with no discomfort . I now use them every night and sleep better because of them , mainly to Classic FM . So all round a damn good set up .

  51. Alex

    Excellent Product For Chronic Pain Sufferers

  52. Sarah

    Absolutely brilliant product. I suffer terribly from insomnia due to chronic pain and being able to fall asleep listening to music without worrying

  53. Maria

    Sound quality is great for what they are. I wear decent headphones during the day so know good sound and these are more than capable for music or audiobooks to fall asleep to.

  54. Anon

    Bought these for our daughter to help her get to sleep at night whilst listening to music without her phone being next to her. She loves them and has found it helpful in getting off to sleep.

  55. Jamie

    I’m really happy with the product. I have mostly used the mask without the headphones but it’s really confortable and totally blocks the light.

  56. Laura

    I was a little wary of this when I bought it; worried that the speakers or the mask itself might be uncomfortable. I needn’t have worried.

  57. Lisa

    The fabric is really soft, it’s very comfortable and I can’t feel the speakers even when laid on my side.

  58. Sarah

    Great purchase

  59. Amy

    Really comfortable and soft. Helps lull me to sleep.

  60. Holly

    I work nights, and this sleep mask does the perfect job of blocking out the light during the day, and also I can play relaxing music to drown out the day to day noises.

  61. Anon

    The mask charges quickly and easily, and the cable tucks away nicely when not needed.

  62. Amanda

    Very happy I have them

  63. Amber

    Absolutely delighted I bought these. They have enhanced the comfort and enjoyment of my nightime routine. I no longer have to switch earbuds in the night(side sleeper) and I no longer will pull my phone down with the earphone cord.

  64. Lauren

    Bought these for my wife who likes to listen to audiobooks to go to sleep.

  65. Mimi

    It’s even better than I expected! Great product!

  66. Megan

    I like the headset and use it most nights, the battery life is more than enough to go through the night i’d say around 11 hours total. The bluetooth has a good range and connects immediately once paired.

  67. Sam

    Firstly, it is amazingly soft. The sound quality is good and it is super comfortable especially as it has space in front of your eyes as I don’t like the eye masks that touch your eyes.

  68. Hayley

    Comfortable, breathable and good at blocking light and good sound quality

  69. Alex

    I am a side sleeper and the internal speakers don’t bother me at all. Bluetooth to my phone and easy to recharge but don’t need to often. Will be great for flights too. Recommend seller and product 5*

  70. Emma

    After years of falling asleep with in-ear headphones, this sleep mask is pure comfort. I wasn’t sure how good it was going to be when I ordered it, but it connected really easily with my phone and is snug and soft around the head.

  71. Douglas Whyte (verified owner)

    My wife loves them, Might get a pair for my sister!

    • John Watkin (store manager)

      Thankyou for your review , it is much appreciated. Please let your social media friends and family know how good the product is.


  72. Kathryn

    I bought one of these for myself as I enjoy listening to podcasts when I can’t sleep and found normal earbuds got uncomfortable or dislodged.

  73. Amanda

    This Bluetooth eye sleep mask I’m finding is fabulous. I found other sleepmasks were too skimpy and let lots of light in.

  74. Jenna

    Im a very deep sleeper, i can sleep for an hour with my alarm going off in the background which isnt good obviously. This has changed that completely having an alarm ringing inside your ear.

  75. Nicole

    Sleep perfectly through the day, with loud noises.

  76. Julie


  77. Rachael

    Totally worth it

  78. Anna

    5.0 out of 5 stars Great customer service, great product!

  79. Bethany

    5* eye mask.

  80. Natasha

    I love these, the music is very clear, no crackling at all.

  81. Anon

    The speakers are a nice size very easy to pair. Instructions very clear to understand.

  82. Laura

    There very comfortable to ware. You cant feel the speakers or the wire.

  83. Jessica

    I have used this a lot since it arrived. I suffer from a chronic pain condition and often wake in the night and have trouble getting back to sleep. This has definitely helped.

  84. Allison

    I really love this mask blue tooth headphones really great rich sound quality works all around my flat does not cut out and it was delivered quickly

  85. Dannelle

    Good price and sound quality.

  86. Tiffany

    I am a night worker and getting a few more hours sleep in the day proves difficult noise and the light but these have been great.

  87. Melissa

    I bought some similar product before. I purchased it because of the positive feedback and to try it.

  88. Anne

    Very comfortable to wear. After long term insomnia, music radio is stimulating me, but I fall asleep a couple of times by using this product.

  89. Hollie

    Brilliant ! The sound is clear the headphone is very soft and pitch black. I love this not slept since Covid lockdown and I am now sleeping through.

  90. Jess

    Now I can fall asleep listening to my music or podcasts.

  91. Elizabeth

    Excellent customer service

  92. Neil

    Great design

  93. Lucy

    Lovely little sleeping mask blocks out all the light

  94. Ashleigh

    Comfortable and practical for sleep aid

  95. Alex

    I use this mask most nights as I find podcasts help me to get to sleep. I have used others before that we’re not as comfortable and a pain because of the wires attached, this works well for me being Bluetooth wireless and is easy to connect with iPhones.

  96. Holly

    Very good

  97. Judith

    The eye mask is very comfortable to wear, much better quality than I expected and really good at blocking the light out.

  98. Natalie

    I like it! 🙂

  99. Rachael

    What can I say love it!! Not used for travel so can not really comment but use it every night to aid sleep without disturbing my partner.

  100. Kristin

    So great, convenient and relaxing!

  101. Natasha

    Excellent sleep aid

  102. Julia

    The perfect sleep mask

  103. Lindsay

    Excellent customer service

  104. Katherine

    Highly Reccomend

  105. Laura

    Really comfortable.

  106. Allison

    Bought these for my wife who likes to listen to audiobooks to go to sleep. Simple to charge and to connect to her iPad. Controls work fine.

  107. Katie

    Great if you sleep on your back

  108. Kathleen

    Wish I would have got this sooner

  109. Leah

    By far the best sleep mask I’ve purchased!

  110. Steph

    Brilliant ! The sound is clear the headphone is very soft and pitch black. I love this not slept since Covid lockdown and I am now sleeping through.

  111. fiona smith (verified owner)

  112. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Wife loves it!

  113. Jennie


  114. Veronica

    Would be amazing with some slight improvements

  115. Felicity

    Very comfortable to wear. After long term insomnia, music radio is stimulating me, but I fall asleep a couple of times by using this product.

  116. Anon

    Amazing product really like them the volume could get higher and apart from that great product and value

  117. Manda

    I am very happy with my new eye mask, I have slept very well since I started using it. It is soft and comfortable and the speakers are very effective.

  118. Laura

    Customer service is exceptional

  119. Sadie

    It’s so easy to use and Im just loving it. Thanks 🙏

  120. Sam

    So comfortable, easy to sleep on my side and listen. Has really helped with my sleeping. Highly recommend!

  121. Heather

    I purchased this eye mask because I recently started to learn meditation using the Calm app. For the price I didn’t expect much but I’m really impressed! The little speakers block out almost all other sound & the mask blocks out 100% light.

  122. Bethany

    Sleep at last!

  123. Ashley

    I had a few questions before I bought, these were answered swiftly. Customer service was top notch

  124. Chelsea


  125. Chris

    The fitting on this product is perfect, fits my face incredibly well and everyone else in the family who has taken it off me to use at least once!

  126. Megan

    Very comfortable and easy to use

  127. Lucy

    This mask really improved my sleep. It has a velvety texture and is very soft.

  128. Melissa

    I never slept so good

  129. Patrick

    Great for Tinnitus

  130. Michelle

    Helps me to sleep

  131. Tom

    Nice product. Wanted for night time listening. Comfortable. Suitable for purpose bought.

  132. Danielle


  133. Angela

    Customer service is so good, they responded straight away

  134. Allison

    Love it!

  135. Jenny

    Picked this up for someone to help when they get migraines. Works great

  136. Sam

    Complete black out, comfortable to wear due to padding around the eyes meaning it is not resting on your eyelids, easy to set up and sound quality is great

  137. Emily

    Very comfy with great sound quality.

  138. Kelly

    Best sleeping mask

  139. Jasmine

    Sooooo comfy

  140. Kathy

    I’m really happy with the product. I have mostly used the mask without the headphones but it’s really confortable and totally blocks the light. You feel no pressure at all in your eyes. It is soft and very nice. It arrived very quickly. I’m really happy with the product.

  141. Amy

    Brilliant eye mask speakers are fantastic very comfortable to wear

  142. Sara

    Very impressed by customer service, very fast response

  143. Maz Parkin (verified owner)

    Love this! I’ve been listening to the Harry Potter audio books and drifted off to sleep nicely! X

  144. Larraine Y. (verified owner)

  145. Derek (verified owner)

    We bought this as a present. Recipient well pleased with improved sleep quality

  146. Harriet (verified owner)

    Love the mask, so relaxing. It’s very comfy, smells of lavender and easy to use. Have bought for others as well.

  147. Tracey C. (verified owner)

    Does exactly what it says, perfect after a night shift, chill out with tunes in darkness. Sound quality is good too.

  148. Andrea C. (verified owner)

    So comfortable to wear
    No pressure on the eyes or face and feels snug around the ears. The sound is excellent quality and it has a great battery life.
    Really easy to connect to phone via Bluetooth
    Blackout effective
    I love my mask

  149. June B. (verified owner)

    Fabulous product review on FB

  150. Susan H. (verified owner)

    Bought this for my Husband and he loves it, I’m going to buy one for myself now! Great product thank you.

  151. HAYLEY (verified owner)

    The mask is an excellent concept and actually connects to all my Bluetooth devices. It is easy to pair and the sound quality is excellent. However, for people like myself who are of a small stature there are a number of issues. Mainly the overall size of the mask. It would be ideal if a smaller size was available. The earpieces can be moved forward but the mask itself is still too big. It actually makes very little contact with my face so is not much use as an eye mask. The adjustable strap is set to the smallest fit but is still too big. I have to hold the sides so that the earpieces are in the correct position and to get the highest sound quality. I am in the process of making some alterations to it myself. I hope the manufacturer will consider making them in smaller sizes in future. I still highly recommend this product as the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. If it wasn’t a good product I would return it instead of altering it. At last I can listen to my music without my ears getting sore. Maybe I will need to get my ears moved back to solve the problem 🤣🤣

  152. Mrs s. (verified owner)

    Item is good quality material and sound, very comfy to wear

  153. Mary (verified owner)

    I am loving my masks, they are so soft, easy to connect and use. Set up was easy, great blackout, sound is great, charged once but used every night so far so great battery life, managed to figure out how I will get the speakers and battery pack out to wash so confident that will go fine… all in all very happy with them indeed

  154. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very pleased, good quality and easy to use.

  155. Julia Forsyth

    Very fast delivery, ordered 2nd & arrived today 4th. Paired straight away to my iphone & had a few minutes listen, love it ! Very cosy & comfy,
    I will be using it tonight instead of the earbuds I have been using to listen to an audio book whilst I nod off. Looking forward to not getting tangled up in earbuds which are at best uncomfortable
    I will also try it when I have a migraine as I usually wear an ordinary sleep mask to shut out light but the sleepmaskz seems a better fit plus I can listed some soothing music. Love it & will be recommending one to my daughter who works an occasional night & finds it hard to shut out noise when trying to sleep during the day.

  156. Samantha Sinclair (verified owner)

    I was a bit sceptical at first, but, as I saw all the wonderful reviews, I went ahead and ordered one. So pleased I did! It’s so soft and comfortable. And it doesn’t take me long to fall asleep. I often listen to audible to wind down. And I’m happy to sat, it’s totally compatible. Lovely clear sound and doesn’t disturb my partner. Yet it muffles his snoring. So I’m one happy bunny.
    Fast dispatch, easy to follow instructions. I love that the way to attach it is velcro, making a perfect fit no matter how large or small your head. Easy to charge, turn on and turn off. So happy I’ve recommended it to a few friends.

    • watkin92 (store manager)

      thank you so much Sam, delighted for you

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